milano coffee. gas town. simply delicious

Simply Delicious lattes and red velvet cake from Milano coffee on Saturday. I had a field day with my camera. I invision my dream living room looking a lot like this gorgeous "espresso bar" day

Check them out the next time you are in Gastown

36 Powell Street

First feed.

Last weekend we introduced a little rice cereal to Roxy. Over an hour, i think we managed to get 2 spoonfuls in (then out!). It was entertaining to say the least.

This weekend we are going to try pears....exciting!

Last year

Here is a photo taken by my friend Enza at the Spring opener of Portobello West, 2011. (you can't tell but I was 3 months pregnant!)

Any new display ideas?


First Market of 2012.....Portobello West

I am so excited to announce that I will be back for another year at the greatest local market, Portobello West. This market features so much local talent. It is such a great venue for local designers to showcase their amazing creations.

the wheat field

I just discovered the talented artist, Katie Daisy on Etsy. I adore her work.

I can't decide which ones Roxy needs for her bedroom. (171 to narrow down!!)

nail envy


This is our boy Otto, who just celebrated his 7th birthday (or so we think...he was a rescue so we aren't entirely sure) We celebrate the entire month just to be sure.

We got him when we lived in Montreal. He speaks english with a French accent. (So much attitude). He was a foster baby that never left our side. I knew I could never pass along foster babies.

Happy Birthday Otto!

Sunny Cates Park.

I dusted off the old SLR to snap some pictures from our afternoon in Cates Park in North Vancouver.

The natural light did this photo trip justice!

We ended the day with a gorgeous bowl of rare beef pho from our East Hastings "Petite Saigon" (thanks Craig and Steph)

Perfect day.

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!

The rain is pouring on an angle, Otto is still in bed, and the pajamas haven't come off!

Lazy day.